Under Eye Darkness

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Under Eye Darkness

Under eye darkness or dark eye circles occur as dark purple coloured circles around the eye. Dark circles, also known as periorbital circles, periorbital hyperpigmentation or periorbital melanosisis are dark blemishes around the eyes.They may or may not be associated with undereye puffiness, bags, malar festoons etc.

Causes of under eye darkness

  • Under eye darkness is caused due to dilation of blood vessels around the eyes.
  • Allergies to food
  • Hay fever
  • Stress/ Fatigue
  • Genetic/ Heredity
  • Excessive vascularity
  • Chronic sinusitis
  • Infraorbital swelling
  • Anaemia/ Poor Diet
  • Age factor
  • Facial Structure/ Anatomy
  • Hyper-pigmentation/ Pigmentary Demarcation Line (PDL)
  • Sleeplessness

Treatment of under eye darkness

  • Consultation To diagnose the underlying condition that causes under eye darkness.
  • Topical treatment Topical treatment like under eye creams or pigmentation lightening creams.
  • Fillers Soft tissue fillers can be used to restore volume under the eyes and treat dark eye circles.
  • Chemical Peels To exfoliate and re-pigment the affected areas under the eyes.
  • Therapies to increase blood circulation Therapies that increase blood circulation under the eyes to make them look toned up.
  • Autologous Fat Transplantation Autologous fat transplantation is an effective therapy for treating infraorbital dark circles.
  • Blepharoplasty Blepharoplasty is an effective method of reducing dark eye circles caused by shadows of excess fat under the eyes.