Skin Allergy Treatments

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Skin Allergy Treatments

Allergy/ allergies of skin are caused by sensitivity of the immune system to substances in the surroundings.

Symptoms of Allergy of Skin

  • Redness, inflammation and swelling The affected areas may cause red patches on the skin that may or may not be accompanied by swelling of the area.
  • Rashes on the skin The rashes could be dry, scaly or crusty or ooze or drain.
  • Itchy Skin Allergic reactions of skin could lead to dry and scaly skin causing itching.
  • Papules Allergies could lead to formation of papules which are formed by elevation of skin with no visible fluid.
  • Blisters Allergic reactions could cause blisters that are pockets in the skin filled with plasma or pus.

Types of Allergy of Skin

  • Contact Dermatitis Contact Dermatitis causes localized irritation/ rash when the skin comes directly in contact with the allergy causing substance.
  • Atopic Dermatitis Atopic dermatitis is a chronic form of allergy and is considered as a disease of the entire body as due to an excessively active immune response of the body.

Causes of Allergy of Skin

  • Heredity Allergies of skin could be genetic in nature.
  • Stress and Weakened immune system.
  • Loss of skin barrier Loss of skin barrier allows allergens to penetrate the skin and cause allergic reactions. Frequent use of cosmetics, shampoos, lotions/ creams, frequent bathing with extremely hot water can also cause skin allergies. Exposure to latex, plastic, elastic or rubber could also trigger allergic reactions.
  • Food allergies Skin allergies could be caused due to certain ingredients.
  • Skin allergies can also be caused by fungal, bacterial or viral infections.

Treatment of Allergy of Skin

  • Hydrocortisone cream Hydrocortisone cream is used for topical application to treat skin allergies. It helps to reduce redness, inflammation and swelling of the affected area.
  • Ointments/ lotions Ointments or lotions like Calamine or Zinc Oxide are also used for topical application to treat itching and/or swelling and pain due to skin allergies.
  • Antihistamines Allergy of Skin can be treated with the help of antihistamines. They help soothe redness, itching and rashes on the affected areas.