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We expertise in the treatment of the following:

1. Medical treatment of skin conditions

  Acne (pimples)

  Vitiligo ( white patches)

  Allergy of skin


  Open pores

  Skin rash

  Itchy skin


  Infections of skin


  Stretch marks

  Under eye darkness

2. Medical treatment for hair & nail conditions

  Platelet Rich Plasma Rejuvenation(PRP) Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix

  Laser-Diode for Hair loss Control

  Customized stem Cell growth Factors for Hair

  Stem Cell Therapy

  Injectables for Scalp

  Fungal infections

  Ingrown Toe Nail

  Damaged Nail

  Hair loss


  Serums and stem cells

  Excess & unwanted hair

  Patchy loss of hair



  Itchy scalp

  Rashes on scalp

  Infections of scalp

  Brittle hair

  Brittle nails

  Yellow or green nails

3. Procedures and surgeries for skin

  Chemical peels- acne prone skin


  Skin rejuvenation


  Microdermabrasion- scars

  Skin rejuvenation

  Acne scar treatment- fractional laser



  Punch grafting

  Vitiligo surgery

  Permanent hair reduction


  Ear lobe repair

  Cyst excisions

  Scar revisions

  Nail surgeries

  Hair Surgeries- Hair transplantation with FUE & strip method

  camoflouge of scars in hair baring areas

  Wrinkles- muscle relaxing injections

  Anti-aging treatments

  Age Specific Skin Routines

  Wrinkle Reduction



  Thread Lifts

  Growth Factors

  Resurfacing of Skin

  Skin Tightening

  Skin Rejuvenation

4.Skin Brightening

  Tan Reduction

  Chemical Peels

  Lasers for Skin Brightening

  Oral Medications & injectables for Skin Enhancement


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