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Nail Thickening

How do nails thicken?

Nails thicken when they undergo repetitive pressure due to various reasons.

Causes of nail thickening

 Physical damage or trauma to the nail plate and the nail bed

 Pressure on nails due to running or walking

 Wearing inappropriate shoes

 Blood circulation issues

 Fungal or bacterial infections

 Systematic diseases like arthritis, eczema, heart conditions etc.

Treatment of nail thickening

 Consultation consultation is required to diagnose the cause of nail thickening and to get guidance to trim and groom nails appropriately to prevent re-thickening.

 Topical treatment Topical treatment could be given to treat thickening of nails due to fungal or bacterial infections.

 Laser treatment Laser treatment can be used to eradicate fungi that causes thickening of nails.

 Nail Surgery Nail surgery could be required for severe conditions.


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