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Nail Splitting

What is splitting for nails?

Splitting of nails includes physical splits in the length or width of the nail. Peeling of nails is also a classic sign of nail splitting.

Symptoms of Nail Splitting

 Uneven cracks on the surface of the nail

 Brittle sheets of nail that can be peeled easily

 Thinning of nails

Causes of Nail Splitting

 Exposure to harsh chemicals - Nails can get brittle after prolonged use of hard chemicals, detergents, nail paint remover and adhesives causing the nails to dry out and split.

 Medical conditions Medical conditions like tuberculosis, malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, endocrine system diseases could lead to nail splitting.

Treatment of Nail Splitting

 Counselling and Diagnosis Counselling and diagnosis is required to treat the diseases that cause nail splitting

 Medication Oral medication including vitamin supplements could be prescribed.

 Topical treatment topical treatment may be prescribed to keep the nails hydrated and improve their strength.


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