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Nail Deformities

Types of Nail Deformities

 Brittle Nails Brittle nails are cause when the nails become thin.

 Curling of nails

 Clubbing or nails Clubbing of nails occurs when the end part of the finger including the nail thickens making the nails look like drumsticks.

 Discoloration of nails Discoloration of nails is when the color of the nails change due to medical conditions or trauma.

 Thickening of nails Nails thicken when they undergo repetitive pressure due to various reasons.

 Ingrown nails Ingrown nails accompanied by infections can also cause nail deformities.

 Rough textured nails Nails with pits, ridges, beaus line etc that feel rough to touch are called rough textured nails.

 Splitting of nails Splitting of nails is another characteristic of brittle nails.

 Separating of nails from the nail bed Certain conditions/ trauma could cause the nails to separate from the nail bed.

 Swelling, inflammation and pain around the nails Infections that cause swelling and pain around the nails could alter the shape of the nails.

Causes of nail deformities

 Malnutrition malnutrition or deficiencies cause deformities in nails for example, zinc deficiency, iron deficiency etc.

 Diseases diseases like pneumonia, diabetes, liver conditions, heart conditions, hypothyroidism, psoriasis etc cause nail deformities.

 Injuries or trauma injuries or trauma could cause temporary or permanent deformities of nails.

Treatment of Nail Deformities

 Counselling Counselling may be required to diagnose the real condition that has been causing nail deformities.

 Oral and topical medication Oral and topical medication could be prescribed when fungal and bacterial infections cause nail deformities.

 Nail Surgeries - Partial Nail Avulsion or Matricectomy may be required for severe deformities.


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