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Ingrown Nails

What are ingrown nails?

Ingrown nails are the nails that penetrate into the nail bed as they grow. They most commonly occur on toenails. The condition is also called Onychocryptosis.

Symptoms of Ingrown nails

 Pain in the nail bed and on the margins of the nail

 Sensitive nail margins

 Discomfort or pain on wearing closed toe shoes

 Discomfort or pain on putting pressure on the nails

 Swelling or redness around the nails

 Fluid discharge around the nails

Causes of ingrown nails

 Ingrown nails could occur due to footwear that do not fit properly or have less toe space.

 Wearing enclosed footwear in damp atmosphere for longer time.

 Improper nail trimming

 Injuries or trauma

 Bacterial or fungal infection

Treatment of ingrown nails

 Medication Antibiotics could be prescribed for fungal or bacterial infections.

 Topical treatment Antiseptics could be prescribed for topical application.

 Nail surgeries - Nail Surgeries like Matricectomy or Partial nail avulsion may be required for severe conditions.


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