Hair loss lasers

Hair loss refers to decrease in the density or growth of hair on the body, mostly the head. This condition is also called Baldness or Alopecia.

Types of Hair loss

 Female and Male Pattern Hair Loss Causes due to genetic and hormonal factors.

 Alopecia Areata Causes due to autoimmune diseases.

 Telogen effluvium Causes due to psychological or physical stress.

Symptoms of Hair Loss

 Hair thinning

 Receding hair line

 Loss of hair from patches on the head

 Loss of hair without inflammation or scarring

Causes of Hair Loss

 Medication/ Therapy Hair loss could exist as a side effect of prescribed medication for conditions like hypothyroidism, HIV/AIDS or therapies like chemotherapy, radiation etc.

 Malnutrition Hair loss may exist due to malnutrition and mostly due to iron deficiency.

 Fungal infections Fungal infections may cause inflammation leading to hair loss.

Treatment of Hair Loss

 Laser Therapy Laser therapy is a form of light therapy highly effective to treat hair loss conditions. This therapy triggers growth factors and promotes hair growth.

 Mesotherapy Mesotherapy is a non-invasive therapy that stimulates hair growth factors and promotes hair growth.

 Topical Treatment Topical treatment with medication like rogaine can be used to trigger hair growth on the affected areas.

 Oral Medication Prescription drugs can be useful to treat hair loss.

 Platelet rich plasma rejuvenation This is a non-surgical process which involves injecting the patients own Platelet Rich Plasma into the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

 Hair Transplantation with Follicular unit extraction This method involves removing follicular units from the donor area and transplanting them to the receiver area on the body.

 Hair Transplant with Strip method This process involves removing strips of hair along with the skin from the back side of the scalp and dissecting them into individual grafts which are then transplanted to the affected/ required area on the body.


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