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Cyst excisions

What is Cyst excision?

Cyst excision is a surgical process used to remove sebaceous cysts. Sebaceous cysts are also called as Epidermal cyst, Pilar cyst and Steatocystoma multiplex.

Where do sebaceous cysts commonly develop?

  • Faces

  • Neck

  • Genitals

  • Back

  • Head

How is cyst excision carried out?

The cyst is marked with a skin marker and local anaesthesia is given to the patient. An incision is made till the subcutaneous tissues and the plane between the cysts and the surrounding tissues is identified. Then with the help of blunt dissection, the circumference of the cyst is separated. Then the area is gently pressed with thumbs till the rest of the cyst emerges out of the area. The pole of the cyst that runs deep is separated from the underlying tissue and the area is sutured.

Benefits of cyst excision –

  • Effective removal of swelling causes by the cyst.

What one must expect from cyst excision –

  • Some amount of bruising and discomfort around the treated area.

What one must do before cyst excision –

  • Inform the doctor about health condition before the excision. Consult the doctor to confirm medication consumption.

What one must do after cyst excision –

  • Take care of the wound till it heals.

  • Consult the doctor immediately in case there’s an infection.

  • Consume a nutritious diet.


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