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Bacterial Paronychia

What is Bacterial Paronychia?

Bacterial Paronychia is commonly known as dermatitis of the nail fold. It occurs between the cuticle and the nail plate and follows the track with break in the skin.

Symptoms of Bacterial Paronychia

 Infection around the nails

 Swelling and sensitivity around the nails

 Redness/ inflammation around the nails

 Blisters with pus formation

 The condition rarely spreads but it may occur on several fingers on the same hand.

Causes of Bacterial Paronychia

 Bacterial Paronychia is caused by yeast/ fungal infections.

 Infections grow in the nail folds or cracks in the skin around the nail.

 Habitual picking or biting of nails.

 Application of artificial fingernails.

 Retinoid treatment that causes the skin to go dry.

 Ingrown nails.

 Constantly wet and cracked hands.

Treatment of Bacterial Paronychia

 Diagnosis of the cause is required.

 Topical treatment antiseptic creams for infections

 Oral Medication antibiotics may be prescribed for severe infections

 Surgical Treatment Incisions could be required to drain pus and reduce swelling. Some rare severe cases could require extracting partial or complete nail.


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